Nacho cooks for you international, young, fresh, delicious!

"Finally..." :)


La Fiesta STOANA

Open 5 evenings
a week

Regional & Local

There are fine delicacies and treats from our chef Nacho and his team. The Steinerwirt cuisine is inspired by the home of our kitchen team ¡Viva España! and cooked with regional and local products.

Breakfast is available ALL DAY LONG. Small Bits & Bites over lunch may not be missing, of course. It will be delicious!

This way to the STOANA-Dinner! Our girls Lea & Silvie will provide you with the best drinks and wines!

La Fiesta STOANA

every Tuesday and Friday

An evening with old and new friends, exciting companions and loved ones - sometimes like at the Italian nonna's, sometimes like in a Spanish tapas bar. Good vino, fine food and a casual atmosphere. Always cozy, with soul and from the heart: and all this on one table!
25 EUR with Aperitif

Welcome at STOANA terrace